The center of the once thriving community of Cavour is about ½ mile off Highway 8 on County Highway G, and few present-day travelers have a chance to go through Cavour. It is well worth the effort, if only to envision what went on there at the turn-of-the-century. Cavour used to be quite a bustling place with a lumberjack population of 600. The Soo Line Railroad came through in 1887 at the start of the logging era. Cavour had a general store, a sawmill, a hotel and a bar - all owned by the Frank and Mary Hess family. The fact that the town was built on a railroad tract instead of a major Highway shows that it was built in a different era.

The Hess Hotel had a legacy all its own. It was a place where many a logger came to stay and while away his woes in pleasant surroundings. In 1911 the original hotel burnt down and was rebuilt immediately. Frank Hess died and Mary ran the hotel by herself from 1919 on until her death in the 1950s. The Hess House and school still stand for anyone who wants to visit this historical place.

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