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The Forest County Forestry and Parks Department is responsible for the administration and management of 14,876 acres.  The County Forest provides timber products for the forest industry, generates revenue for County and Town governments, and provides many recreational and scenic opportunities.  As of 2005  the Forest County Forest is proud to be third party certified.  This certification ensures that Forest County uses sustainable forestry practices while harvesting timber with awareness and concern of environmental impact.

Mission Statement

Natural resources, such as those provided by the County Forest, are the base for addressing the ecological and socioeconomic needs of society. The mission of the County Forest is to manage, conserve and protect these resources on a sustainable basis for present and future generations.

County Forest resources should be protected from natural catastrophes such as fire, insect and disease outbreaks, and from human threats such as encroachment, over-utilization, environmental degradation and excessive development.  While managed for environmental needs such as watershed protection, protection of rare plant and animal communities, and maintenance of plant and animal diversity, these same resources must also be managed and provide for sociological needs, including provisions for recreational opportunities and the production of raw materials for wood-using industries.  

Management must balance local needs with broader state, national  and global concerns through integration of sound forestry, wildlife, fisheries, endangered resources, water quality, soil, and recreation practices. Management will provide this variety of amenities for the future through the use of sustainable forest management practices.